Carpet Questions

Q: "Do I have to move all the furniture if I get my carpet restretched?"
A: Sometimes larger pieces of furniture can be left in place and the carpet can be stretched away from that object. In any case, furniture that must be moved can simply be carefully shifted to one side of the room opening up a clear area to be stretched and trimmed so that it is tight. The process is then reversed with the final result often dramatically improving the appearance of a wrinkled room.

Q: "My son spilled acne medicine on the carpet and now it's bleached white. Can this be dyed to match?"
A: Unfortunately, since the bleach reacts with the carpet dye and changes the hue enough to be a poor match, dying generally cannot resolve bleaching. Experience has proven that carefully patching in a small piece of matching carpet from the original installation yields the best results.

Q: My cat keeps urinating in the same spot and I've tried everything."
A: In order to neutralize the scent marking left by pet urine, specific enzymatic solutions must be applied to the underside of your carpet, in addition to other corrective measures. These types of projects are best completed by an expert. Just call for an immediate appointment and you'll get the problems solved at a fair price - guaranteed.

Q: "My basement carpet smells musty. Can anything be done?"
A: It's best to eliminate the source of the moisture in the room before correcting the mildew problems that may exist. We have extensive experience using chemicals and procedures which, when applied to carpet, can eliminate the source of the odors and help to prevent them form re-occurring. Ask your All Carpet specialist for details.

Q: "I have a set of steps that are squeaky. Can you make the noise stop?"
A: Certainly. The carpet is professionally removed, and each squeak eliminated by re-screwing the boards underneath. Then the original material is stretched tightly and re-attached.

Q: "I have a party coming up and I need carpet installed in my Living Room in a hurry. Can you help?"
A: All Carpet has an ordering and install system that can be expedited in cases where immediate service is needed. Mohawk Carpet samples are shown in your home and the final install can be made in as few as just 4 days, and sometimes even shorter. Call with any "emergency" work that you have and we'll respond promptly.

Vinyl Questions

Q: "My vinyl has some yellowing on it and I can't scrub it off. Is there a special cleaner that will work?"
A: Some vinyl kitchen floors have vulnerability to yellowing as a result of oils from an asphalt driveway bonding with the vinyl wear surface. Compositions of material in recent styles have changed to help prevent this unfortunate occurrence. Another cause has been shown to be fluorescent lighting in the room. This can be evidenced by patches of unaffected material under a rug or some other opaque object sitting in the same place on the floor for a significant period of time like a dog dish. Both conditions are, unfortunately, permanent and nothing can be done to correct the condition short of a complete replacement.

Q: "I have carpet in the eating area of my kitchen. I'd like to get more of the same vinyl to match the rest of the kitchen and make the entire room the same. Is this a feasible option for me?"
A: Unfortunately, no. Because of pattern turnover by vinyl manufacturers, it is next to impossible to get the same pattern. And, in the event that you were able to find the exact same floor, there would still be a slight difference that would be noticeable when it was installed due to wear, fading, and so forth. The best solution is to start over with a high-tech, performance vinyl floor - Call your All Carpet specialist for details.

Cleaning Questions

Q: Do you recommend a Scotchgard? or Teflon? application to carpet after a shampooing?"
A: Absolutely. Either product works well to decrease the porosity of the carpet yarns and reduce the ability of everyday stains to bind with these fibers. Even normal soil has a harder time staying attached and comes up easier with vacuuming. A carpet that has been treated properly will require fewer cleanings and those cost savings can greatly offset the additional charges to apply the protectant.

Q: "Is there any stain that you can't get out of my carpet?"
A: There are a few that bind very well with the composition of the yarns and are in fact, impossible to remove. Some chemicals actually "burn" the yarns slightly and those can be permanent stains. Some spills can actually be "set" into stains by ill-educated attempts to remove the stain with the wrong chemicals. But on the whole, most stains can be removed if the correct tests are completed and the correct lifting chemicals are used in conjunction with the proper extracting equipment. You're best bet is leave the stain untouched until our experts arrive.

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